Another coffee date… We visited Haas for their delicious pastries and cappuccinos recently. I was very excited to try this rabbit themed location and catch up with Aisha. We photographed a look post in the streets while waiting for our cappuccinos. For outfit details please visit Aisha’s blog here .


We are loving our spontaneous shoots and, with time being so limited, we have created a list of coffee shops that we would like to meet and shoot at.  I wanted this story to be strong and unique. Shooting along the same theme or locations can be rather mundane so it is important to be creative to keep things fresh! Sometimes one needs to save certain shots and ideas for the next shoot to keep a fresh and exciting element throughout all of the photoshoots.

30 33 34 36 37 38 39 40 Thanks for having us Haas!

If you would like us to explore a specific restaurant, let us know!



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