Autumn with @throughshadedeyes


Winter is here, the mornings are crisp, the wind is chilly and the leaves on the trees (if any) are soft browns and oranges – the perfect backdrop for Tokelo’s outfit. Although this morning was particularly cold, I loved how the warmth of Autumn came through in these shots.   34

Tokelo is one of the few clients who add shot suggestions while shooting. She always has a few extra ideas and the shot above needs to give credit to her. It’s ways nice to have a second creative mind to add another angle to the story. 678

The outfit and the location spoke for themselves in this shoot. I kept the poses very simple and soft to compliment the location. The was enough going on in the image with colours, autumn details, winding roads and textured clothing – so we decided to keep the actual poses simple and straight forward. Sometimes simplicity is what makes an image…10



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